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Capt. H. Blackburn

AAR Template

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2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines

S-1 Personnel Section, After Action Report Template




Operation Name:

Operations Full name should be used, Example Operation Phoenix (Phase II) and add the Date 

Was the Objective Complete:

Did the Unit complete the objective of the Operation?

Problematic Issues:

Identifying Problematic Issues and needs for improvement.

Recommended Improvements:

Proposing measures to counteract problematic elements.

Lesson(s) Learned:

What did you  and the unit learn during this Operating in regards to the unit’s abilities.


Overview of the Operation as a whole.

Personnel Performance:

Analysis of the performance shown on critical tasks.


List of Personnel who attended the Operation.


First Squad, First Platoon:

2ndLt J. Doe

SSgt J. Doe

Cpl J. Doe


Signed, Rank First Initial, Last Name


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