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    This training is a mandatory for all privates that have recently finished their 0300 Course
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    This event is required to all members that have finished recently their recruit training
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    This training is a mandatory for all privates(E-1) that have recently joined the unit
  6. 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines S-1 Personnel Section, After Action Report Template -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Operation Name: Operations Full name should be used, Example Operation Phoenix (Phase II) and add the Date Was the Objective Complete: Did the Unit complete the objective of the Operation? Problematic Issues: Identifying Problematic Issues and needs for improvement. Recommended Improvements: Proposing measures to counteract problematic elements. Lesson(s) Learned: What did you and the unit learn during this Operating in regards to the unit’s abilities. Overview: Overview of the Operation as a whole. Personnel Performance: Analysis of the performance shown on critical tasks. Personnel: List of Personnel who attended the Operation. E.g First Squad, First Platoon: 2ndLt J. Doe SSgt J. Doe Cpl J. Doe Signed, Rank First Initial, Last Name
  7. Denied This is a serious Milsim unit! Come back when you decide to be serious. Post Locked!
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    Field Training Exercise This is a Field Training Exercise for all elements this is a mandatory event all members must attend unless posted an LOA
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    Operation Overlord The Province of Pulau, created in 1732, is a 3rd world country located in Eastern Africa, first colonized by Belgium and then France therefore their main language is French, gained its independence in 1923 after the civil war. This country consists of 3 islands, a lot of vegetation and tropical weather which makes concealment easy and due to the high number of forests, effective. The president, Akachi Babineaux was assassinated during his press conference by the Ulster Republican Force. This force consists of civilians who tried protesting and doing anything uncivil for the president to resign due to the Republican candidate, Amare Bernard, losing the elections because of his criminal past actions. He had the majority of the population voting for the republican party which was disbanded during the federal investigation he underwent while leading the Republican Party of Pulau. The new successor of Akachi, Ayodele Blanchard has been threatened by the U.R.F with killing his family, ending his life, blowing up the presidential palace and whatnot. They didn't raise their weapons with Ayodele at start but as he started ignoring the threats, the U.R.F started operating again. Their army, Horizon Island Forces, tried holding them back but they seem to keep growing and growing despite their poor conditions and training. We believe someone from the inside might be supplying them or even worse, a foreign country. Our job is to assist the Horizon Island Forces and end the Ulster Republican Force and dismantle this clandestine supply web in the process. We are allowed to use violence with captured prisoners, extort them and whatnot in order to gather the information and prevent the new president from being killed or any other potential damage they could cause.(edited) Additionally the destruction of issued vehicles, equipment or casualties sustained, and the outcome of the said operation, will affect the next one. Prevent any damage to the equipment issued as we have limited resources and due to Pulau's high trees, long forests, narrow roads, we can't bring in any heavy equipment, so you'll need to work with what you've been given. We will use Ospreys to move from island to island and drive once within the island. Be aware of any AA's, RPGs, IEDs, mines, AP mines, etc. Do not expect that once you operate in an island and move to the next one, the previous one will remain clear if you've destroyed any IEDs, AA's... as they can always set more traps and defenses while we are away from the island. Pulau asked for help, they are going to get it. You've been briefed, eyes peeled, concentrate and do the job gentlemen, we're the 23rd, I don't expect less.
  10. Upon your decision to join this unit, we'd like for you to fill out this application form! Copy the application form marked with lines (---), afterwards create a new topic in Apply Here by pressing on the red button "Start new topic". Paste the application form into description and fill it out. Remove the lines (---) and make sure the title is filled out correctly. For the title include only what's inside the quotation marks, replacing the current instructions inside the brackets ([]) with the name you've decided to use, the given example should be removed as well and your name should be written in the same manner as the one in the example. Make sure you do not include anything in the first two lines (---) in the actual description as it is intended for title. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Title: "Application Form: [First Name Letter]. [Last Name]" --- TITLE EXAMPLE: "Application Form: J. Doe" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Name (Same as title --- do not include what's in these brackets): 2. Age: 3. Steam Profile Link: 4. Why would you like to join the Unit? 5. Were you in a unit in the past? if so what units and why did you leave them? 6. What type of role would you like to fill? (Infantry, Aviation, Artillery etc.) 7. Are you able to attend at the times posted below when called upon? (Mark with an X inside the square brackets e.g. [X]) [] Friday at 2000 GMT [] Saturday at 1900 GMT --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- After posting your application, join our TeamSpeak 3 Server at
  11. S-1 Personnel and Administration The purpose of the S-1 Personnel and Administration Office is as follows. To administrate Promotion Points and attendance. To set Teamspeak MOS tags. To track absentee notifications. To administrate Leave of Absence requests. To moderate forum signatures, groups, and names. To recruit new personnel in to the unit. Should you have an issue regarding any of the above, please contact a member of S-1. S-2 - Intelligence and Operations The purpose of the S-2 Intelligence and Operations Office is as follows. Responsible for the creation of scenarios. Responsible for the creation of campaigns. Responsible for hosting and or Zeusing all of the above. Should you have an issue regarding any of the above, please contact a member of S-2. S-4 Logistics The purpose of the S-4 Logistics Office is as follows. Responsible for the maintaining, updating and improving of the mod-pack Responsible for the maintaining, updating and improving of the server tech. Should you have an issue regarding any of the above, please contact a member of S-4. S-7 Training The purpose of the S-7 Training Office is as follows. Responsible for running training programs. Responsible for the creation and curation of manuals. Responsible for the creation and curation of supportive training materials. Should you have an issue regarding any of the above, please contact a member of S-7. S-9 Civil Affairs The purpose of the S-9 Civil Affairs Office is as follows. Responsible for all Public Relations of the unit. Responsible for Promoting the unit Responsible for making promotion videos for the unit. Should you have an issue regarding any of the above, please contact a member of S-9.